The Network for Engineering with Nature (N-EWN) invites you to join us for the N-EWN Knowledge Series: A Continuing Education Series about Engineering with Nature.

The next webinar, Economic Valuation of Nature-Based Infrastructure, will be held on Thursday, June 16h at 12:30 EST, presented by Ben Blachly (UGA).

This special presentation reviews best economic valuation practices for nature-based infrastructure projects of the kind implemented by the US Army Corps of Engineers. After evaluating the Corps’ current use of Benefit-Cost Analysis, an ecosystem services approach to capturing the ecological and social benefits of Corps projects is advanced. This approach is already utilized by other federal agencies and provides a framework where project benefits are more rigorously and completely quantified. Within the ecosystem services approach, benefit-relevant indicators are covered as a tool for monetizing benefits. A guide is presented to different monetization techniques that can be used on top of the ecosystem services approach and benefit-relevant indicators to assign dollar values to those project benefits that are not explicitly economic in nature. Finally, the integration of social equity and risk aversion into Benefit-Cost Analysis is discussed.

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Continuing Education Credit (1-hr) will be available to all attendees who join live. A recording of the webinar will also be made available online at following the presentation.EWN_JUNE16_Announcement