About SPSCs:
Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance Systems (SPSCs) are open-channel conveyance structures that convert, through attenuation ponds and a sand seepage filter, surface storm flow to shallow groundwater flow. These structures feature surface/subsurface runoff storage seams and an energy dissipation design that is aimed at attenuating the flow to a desired level through energy and hydraulic power equivalency principles.
About the Guidelines:
Anne Arundel County’s 2022 SPSC Design Guidelines define the pretreatment, recharge, and water quality sizing criteria for implementing these structures and closely resemble the State of Maryland’s criteria for a typical stormwater filtering device. This version of the SPSC Guidelines builds upon and updates the original manual (Revision 5a: Updated 2012) to include corrections, revisions, and current best practices for design.
Learn more:
or visit https://www.aarivers.org > Restoration > Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance (SPSC)