The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is seeking bids from forest planting contractors to establish new forests on 46.7 total acres in Pennsylvania during the fall 2022 planting season. Services sought also include subsequent ‘turnkey’ maintenance on 29.70 of those acres. All services sought entail:

  • Pre-planting mowing on 24.55 acres across 4 planting sites.
  • Planting 12,533 bare-root seedlings during fall 2022 planting season
    • (11 Sites, 46.7 Acres)
  • Installation of perforated 5’ deer shelters on all stems
  • Post-planting ‘turnkey’ annual maintenance
    • Two mows and two sprays on 29.70 acres on 6 sites from 2023-2025


Scope of Work

The contractor shall be responsible for providing all equipment, material and supplies to complete the tree planting projects and maintenance according to the planting specifications & contractor’s responsibilities listed below. The contractor shall scalp away the turf at each tree seedling planting location, hand plant (dibble bar or hoedad only) approximately 12,533 bare-root tree seedlings, install approximately 12,533  five-foot (5’) perforated tree shelters, with 1”x1” white oak stakes, reversible ties, and netting on approximately 46.7 acres between October 15, 2022 and December 17, 2022. Trees will be planted on 11 properties in 7 counties, including Adams, Centre, Chester, Bedford, Mifflin, Schuylkill, and Lancaster Counties Pennsylvania; site locations are indicated on the project spreadsheet. ‘Turnkey’ maintenance will consist of mowing, spraying systemic herbicide around each tree shelter, and straightening/re-staking tree shelters twice a growing season for three growing seasons from 2023-2025 on the sites identified on the project spreadsheet (29.7 acres, 6 sites).


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