The Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC; seeks an energetic, motivated, and well-organized individual with good communication skills and a career interest in environmental science and policy to assist the CRC in coordinating activities of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s (CBP; Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC; CRC has coordinated the activities of the CBP’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee since STAC’s creation in December 1984. STAC provides independent scientific and technical advice to the CBP by preparing technical reports and white papers; reviewing CBP approaches, tools, and products; organizing workshops to explore a scientific finding or management question; and enhancing communication between the scientific community and the technical and management teams of the CBP. Through the organizational networks of its 38 members, STAC ensures close cooperation among the various academic institutions and management agencies represented in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to facilitate the application of the best available scientific understanding to Bay restoration efforts. The effective management of these activities is key to STAC’s continued success in providing the most recent science to the partnership.

The selected candidate for the STAC Staff position will assist the STAC Coordinator with the day-to-day management of the committee. This generally includes providing administrative support for the committee and its suite of activities and involves both working directly with STAC members and coordinating with Chesapeake Bay Program staff and partners.

Check out our post on the Chesapeake Network’s Job Board ( or on the CRC website ( for details of the position and application instructions.  Closing date is October 10, 2022.