Since 2020, RePlant Anne Arundel has planted over 8,000 trees. We’ve engaged over 50 communities across the County and are continuously looking to expand our program. We will plant an additional 1,400 trees this fall and it’s not too late to have a project installed at your home or in your community.

To become eligible, your community just needs to find locations for 20 (or more!) trees. Trees can be planted on common areas and private residences throughout Anne Arundel County, including the City of Annapolis, as part of this program. We’ve even had homeowners plant over 100 trees on their properties where space allows. Some other places that we’ve had tree projects put in are at places of worship, libraries, community parks, or schools.

If you have a residential or community space with room for trees in Anne Arundel County or the City of Annapolis, we would love to work with you to create a planting project! To learn more, visit or contact Rob Pavlik at

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