In order to achieve optimum operating efficiency, Maryland Public Television is seeking to obtain the services of a landscape designer/planner to create a plan for upcoming landscape site improvements.

The vendor firm will not bid on nor perform the work but will limit its involvement to the overall design and recommendations and specifications pertaining to landscape, hardscape, and plant materials to accomplish the plan. The use of plants native to Maryland (straight species, not cultivars) is strongly preferred. Please include your reference for what plants are Maryland natives. Any recommended trees should be “clean” (not excessive shedders or sap-droppers) and low-maintenance.
All work performed by the Contractor shall meet local, State, and Federal codes and standards and be performed under the Contractor’s license, if applicable.

Area #1
Location: Front plaza near the main entrance and adjoining “lawn” plus upper parking lot grassy area separating the lot from the roadway.
-Replacement of poor-quality “lawn” with ground cover or a combination of grass and low-maintenance mulched perennial beds
-Positioning of any trees to enhance overall appearance but avoid blocking the vision of the office occupants and, most importantly, Security personnel
-Removal of the long strip of gravel separating the “lawn” from the front side of the building and replacing it with river rock to match that utilized near the Kaplan Studio door
-Extend the existing front walkway from the plaza area to the visitor’s parking lot, duplicating the sloping concrete edge to the roadway rather than a formal curb
-One or more seating elements (stone or metal benches, for example) placed in appropriate spots on/near the plaza or the “lawn” area
-Appropriately placed planters (with drought-tolerant dwarf trees or perennials) on the plaza and/or near entrance doors
Area #2
Location: Warren Park Courtyard
-Overall design that retains the existing water-circulating fish pond but revisits the placement of and materials for a walkway connecting 2 breezeways (hallways) that enclose Warren Park
-Full elimination or replacement of the existing dining deck with appropriate outdoor deck furniture for outdoor dining
-Aggressive pruning or replacement of trees, bushes, and other landscape materials that are currently in place
-Addition or replacement of outdoor lighting (functional and/or decorative) to accentuate landscaping in the courtyard
-Repositioning or re-designing of memorial stones honoring deceased employees
-Addition of, full removal of, or refurbishing of wooden trellises or structures in the courtyard
– Replacement of outdoor seating with appropriate benches along the walkway
– Appropriate trash containers
Consulting Fee:
– Provide the hourly rate for consultation services.

Please see attached RFQ, contact Drew Brown (dbrown@mpt.org, 410-241-2178) with questions Tues-Thurs. Questions and site visit by Nov 1, Quote by Nov 15.