The Anne Arundel County Forestry and Forested Land Protection Grant Program is now OPEN! Please visit our website for the Request for Proposals (RFP) and more information about the program:

This grant program is designed to increase acres of forest and protected forested land in Anne Arundel County. Tree planting projects should be scheduled for planting in spring 2023, fall 2023, and/or spring 2024. This grant program has three tracks, which include the following:

  • Track 1: Reforestation/Afforestation of Protected Lands
  • Track 2: Permanent Protection of Forested Lands
  • Track 3: Reforestation/Afforestation and Protection of Uneased and Unforested Lands

The Trust is accepting applications now and we urge you to reach out early to discuss project ideas and schedule a site visit!  Email Whitney Vong at for more information about the grant program.