The link above connects to the summary of the results of the Oak Decline survey project.  Click on March 2023 Oak Decline Report

Oak decline is a phenomenon where oak trees, both red and white oaks, are dying in large numbers in urban and
developed areas. The causes, of which there are several factors, are not well understood. This has been reported
throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region and is of increasing concern with forest managers, arborists, land managers
and homeowners. The concern in this study, revolves around the impact oak decline is having on the County’s
reforestation efforts and tree canopy protection. Oaks are a major component of the forest types in this county
and are the most valuable in terms of wildlife habitat and water quality. An estimated 23.4 acres of tree canopy
was lost in the three years the study was open. Sandy and well-drained soil types were found on many of the
sites indicating moisture stress was a significant stressor of the oaks that died. Extremes in weather conditions in
terms of periods of drought and excess precipitation are also presented.
Keywords: Oak Decline, Climate Change,

For further information contact Earl “Bud” Reaves, CF  of AA County forestry: