The Chesapeake Stormwater Network’s Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award contest (BUBBAs) recognizes the best urban stormwater practices and programs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The goal of the BUBBAs is to:

  1. Recognize innovators in the field who are using new and innovative techniques for facing the challenges of stormwater management;
  2. Provide an avenue for disseminating these techniques to other communities who could benefit from the lessons learned and innovative approaches;
  3. Engage CSN’s network of stormwater professionals throughout the Bay watershed to choose our grand prize winner and promote interactivity among members

The finalists for this year’s Grand Prize were announced last week, and now you can vote for your favorite to win the ultimate title!

Check out our 8 finalists, across 7 different categories: 

Then, vote for the winner!