Gunpowder Valley Conservancy (GVC), a Baltimore Countybased land trust and watershed restoration nonprofit, has launched a new initiative to raise
awareness about the importance of the Gunpowder Watershed. The Explore the Gunpowder Watershed Challenge is a 45day event that encourages participants to connect with nature, local businesses, and environmental stewardship. The event will run from May 1 June 14,

The Gunpowder Watershed is the source of over 60% of Baltimore’s drinking water supply. With this in mind, the Explore the Gunpowder Watershed Challenge aims to promote the preservation of land and reduce pollution to the drinking water reservoirs, create diverse habitats that are resilient to climate change, and engage volunteers of all ages in meaningful stewardship activities.

Participants can choose from three ways to participate and earn a special “Gunpowder Explorer” embroidered patch.

  • Challenge #1: Gunpowder PassportCollect four stickers from local businesses, nature centers, and historic locations.
  • Challenge #2: Outdoor Activity Complete 45 miles hiking, biking, paddling, riding etc… It all counts! 45 is symbolic of the 450+ square miles of the Gunpowder Watershed. There is no specific route to follow. Participants are encouraged to explore local trails or simply around their
  • Challenge #3: Raise $200 to support land preservation and clean waterParticipants are encouraged to fundraise for GVC to expand its capacity to preserve land, create diverse habitats, and connect homeowners to resources to take action for clean water on their property.

“We think once you discover the Gunpowder’s beauty, you’ll understand why we work so hard to preserve it for future generations,” said Kim Pause Tucker, Executive Director, GVC. 

For more information about the Explore the Gunpowder Watershed Challenge, visit