Request for Proposals: Video Production Services

 Deadline: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. ET


The Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) is a regional partnership consisting of federal, state and local governments, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations. Primarily funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the CBP sets the guidance and policy for restoring the Chesapeake Bay. The CBP Communications Office is staffed by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay through a six-year cooperative agreement and is seeking proposals from qualified firms or individuals to assist with developing two educational videos, each about three to five minutes in length.

The first video will focus on land use in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and compare the impacts of forested land, agriculture and urban development on the ecosystem. The next video will be decided in consultation with the selected contractor and the CBP Communications Office.

These videos will be included among the CBP flagship video series, Bay 101. This video series addresses environmental topics and issues relevant to the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding watershed. They feature real-life efforts by CBP scientists, staff, technicians, environmental stewards and other subject matter experts.

CBP video segments document science, restoration and stewardship using a candid storytelling approach to record action as it unfolds. Each production uses a combination of recorded interviews, scripted narration, strong visuals, ambient sound and music to shape informative, human-oriented narratives.


The Alliance is seeking an experienced production company with capacity to execute every stage of video production, including filming and editing, that has experience telling stories about environmental issues and working with people from all types of backgrounds. The contractor must complete the following:

  • Convene a kick-off meeting with the CBP Communications Director and Multimedia Manager to determine project schedule and review deliverables. The selected contractor is expected to maintain regular contact with the CBP Multimedia Manager throughout the duration of the contract. (Prior to July 1, 2023)


  • Throughout the scope of the contract, the selected contractor will consult with the CBP Multimedia Manager while working to:
    1. Schedule and conduct pre-interviews with interview subjects. The CBP will provide interview subjects and questions. (On or before July 1, 2023)
    2. Schedule meeting with CBP Multimedia Manager to discuss story treatments and interview questions, as well as review footage assets provided by the CBP and determine additional footage needs. Interview questions will be provided by the CBP. (On or before July 7, 2023)
    3. Schedule filming dates for both projects. (On or before July 7, 2023)
    4. Complete filming for first video. (On or before August 4, 2023)
    5. Complete filming for second video. (On or before August 11, 2023)
    6. Deliver rough draft of first video. (On or before August 11, 2023)
    7. Deliver rough draft of second video. (On or before August 18, 2023)
    8. Deliver second drafts for both videos. (On or before August 25, 2023)
    9. Deliver final videos and all other deliverables (listed below). (On or before September 8, 2023)
  • The following standards must be followed when in production for both videos:
    1. Professional video equipment must be utilized to record at 4K resolution.
    2. Interviews must be filmed on-location in outdoor settings and use wireless microphones.
    3. B-roll must be filmed with synced ambient audio, sometimes on rough terrain like farmland and forests
  • Final videos should use a majority of original material supplemented with existing footage provided by the CBP Communications Office. All videos should match the look and feel of existing Bay 101 videos such as Bay 101: Oysters and Bay 101: Fish Food


These two videos will appear seamlessly on as well as other educational CBP platforms, including social media, webinars and in-person events. They will use storytelling to introduce a general audience to environmental issues impacting the Chesapeake Bay watershed, help people see their connections to those impacts and encourage them to learn more about positive stewardship actions. Selected footage from this project will be archived and made available for noncommercial use by CBP partners, media, educators and other interested public.


  • Project schedule and workplan (in Word).
  • Regular project check-ins (as determined by Multimedia Manager).
  • Rough drafts of two Bay 101 videos that include:
    • Up to three on-camera interviews for each video.
    • Delivered as .mp4 files.
  • Time-stamped transcripts for each interview.
  • Second drafts of two Bay 101 videos that:
    • Incorporate of feedback from the CBP Communications Office.
    • Delivered as .mp4 files.
  • Final drafts of two Bay 101 videos that include:
    • Incorporation of feedback from the CBP Communications Office.
    • A resolution of 1920X1080 in both .mov (ProRes) and .mp4 format so videos can be archived and easily uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and other common platforms.
  • A companion .SRT caption file in English for each video.
  • Separate Premiere Pro project files for each video.
  • Recorded raw interview and B-roll footage in 4K resolution.

Evaluation Criteria:

The Alliance is looking for organizations that are a match with our organizational culture, adhering to our core principles:

  1. Adaptive—We design tactics to achieve common goals.
  2. Collaborative—We partner across sectors and regions.
  3. Results-Oriented—We deliver efficient, measurable and holistic programming.
  4. Equitable—We prioritize inclusivity in directing our impact.

Our commitment to an inclusive, equitable, and diverse process can be viewed on our website: Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Resolution on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In addition, we are seeking the following:

  • Responsiveness of the written proposal to the purpose and scope of the project.
  • At least three years of experience with recording and editing video with a documentary or newsgathering approach.
  • Ability to work primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Ability to work with large-sensor video or hybrid photo/video cameras.
  • Adherence to industry standard ethical practices for visual storytelling and newsgathering.
  • Experience telling human-oriented stories about science, environmental issues or non-profit work.
  • Familiarity in working with people of diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Ability to complete all work by September 15, 2023 and operate within budget.
  • Comfortable working in a variety of situations, including on rough terrain or on a boat.

Deadline for Submission

Proposals must be received via email on or before 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, and should be emailed to Rachel Felver at Please no phone calls.

About the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay:

For over 50 years, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has brought together communities, companies and conservationists to restore our lands and waters. We strive for clean stream and rivers flowing through resilient landscapes, cared for by all the people who live, work and play in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Our principles include being adaptive, collaborative, results-oriented, and equitable. We have offices in Annapolis, Md., Lancaster, Pa., Richmond, Va. and Washington, D.C. Our organization focuses on encouraging the health and quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries through on-the-ground restoration efforts, and just as our name suggests, we build relationships with organizations and communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Our initiatives fall under four main programmatic areas: Agriculture, Forestry, Green Infrastructure and Stewardship and Engagement. Learn more about the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay at

About the Chesapeake Bay Program:

The Chesapeake Bay Program is a diverse federal/state/non-government partnership established in 1983.  It works to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay and the thousands of streams, creeks and rivers in the watershed through collaborative policy making, scientific assessment and public communication. The Communications Office is managed by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay under grant funding provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Budget: Not to exceed $21,000, inclusive of all costs including travel. Mileage is reimbursed at the standard business mileage rate maintained by the U.S. IRS (65.5 cents per mile driven as of the time of this RFP).