Treat yourself this summer to one (or more!) of Nature Forward’s Natural History Field Studies offerings.  All classes meet for weeknight virtual lectures from 6-8pm paired with weekend in-person field trips. 

More information and registration HERE 

Chesapeake Bay Ecosystems
Discover how physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes come together to shape the diverse ecosystems within the Chesapeake Bay. With field trips to Horn Point oyster hatchery, Jug Bay freshwater tidal wetlands, and boat trips on the Anacostia and lower Patuxent. 

Instructor: Terry McTigue    Schedule: Thursdays, June 15-Aug 17



Intro to Fern ID
Learn about the identification, evolutionary history, and ecology of local ferns and lycophytes and their uses by humans and animals. With field trips to the National Arboretum and Riverbend Park in Virginia. 

Instructor: Kit Sheffield     Schedule: Wednesdays, June 28-July 26  




Late Summer Wildflowers: The Aster Family
Discover the beauty and diversity of the largest flowering family in North America that includes familiar favorites from coneflowers and sunflowers to black-eyed Susan and blazing stars! Learn about the ecological roles of these flowers that support specialist bees, many butterfly species, and more. With field trips at Woodend, Patuxent Research Refuge and Jug Bay Natural Area. 

Instructor: Clare Walker            Schedule: Wednesdays, August 2-30