Geometry may be a school subject many would like to forget, but geometry is an essential part of life, and therefore, an essential part of nature. This year’s photo scavenger hunt challenge is all about geometric shapes. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:

The shapes and patterns of nature are beautiful, complex, and often geometrical. Think of sea stars, honeycomb cells, snowflakes, the structures of crystals, seeds, stones, the spirals of shells, tree rings, and so much more. Nature is one huge geometry textbook, waiting to be read by YOU!

We utilize the honor system for this Scavenger Hunt. The Official List, rules, and spreadsheet, will be emailed to you along with additional information. Use the spreadsheet to record the date, time, location, photos, and notes for each shape. We encourage you to record your sightings in photographs.

Compete on your own or in a team of up to five friends/family members.