The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is seeking bids from land management contractors to convert 8.76 acres of lawn to meadow habitat across 4 sites in Pennsylvania during the fall 2023 planting season. Services sought include:

  • Site preparation with 2 applications of broad-spectrum, systemic herbicides in September and October 2023
  • Seeding via a no-till drill in October or November 2023
  • Procuring seed with approval of Alliance staff
  • 1 spot treatment of invasive and otherwise problematic plants in May or June 2024

Scope of Work
The contractor shall be responsible for providing all equipment, material and supplies to complete the meadow establishment projects and establishment according to the specifications and contractor’s responsibilities listed below. The contractor will spray broad-spectrum systemic
herbicide to terminate the lawn vegetation in late September or early October 2023, and will return for a follow-up treatment 3-5 weeks later. The contractor will procure seed with approval of Alliance staff, and will plant the site with a native seed no-till drill in late October or early November 2023. In May or June of 2024, the contractor will return to the sites to perform a spot herbicide treatment of invasive and otherwise problematic plants. The four sites total 8.76 acres and are located in Adams, Cumberland, and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania.


Bid is due Sunday, August 20, 2023. For more information see the full bid document at: