REQUEST FOR BIDS proposals for a professional landscape contractor to (1) collaborate with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) and its partners to design  stormwater best management practices for the property of Parkside Plaza Condominium in Silver Spring, MD and (2) install the best management practices on site.

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Alliance) is a regional nonprofit organization, founded in 1971 and has offices in Annapolis, MD, Lancaster, PA, Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA. The Alliance restores the lands and waters of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Our collaborative and action-oriented approach delivers on-the-ground solutions, technical assistance, and builds capacity to achieve healthier lands and cleaner water. We envision clean water and resilient landscapes, cared for by all the people who live, work, and play in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Alliance is working closely with the community at Parkside Plaza to design two bioretention gardens on the property at 9039 Sligo Creek Pkwy, Silver Spring, MD 20901. The Alliance seeks PRE BID ESTIMATES from landscape professionals to collaborate with the Alliance and its partners to develop a site design, obtain required permits, and install the practices.

Project Scope and Limitations

The Alliance will engage with a landscape professional or similar firm to design and install 2 bioretention practices, which will be completed in a phased approach dependent upon funds available. Proposals should be broken down by phase and subdivided by bioretention cell (Cell A and Cell B). Bids should also include an itemized estimate of each of the below steps and any other expenses necessary to the installation of the bioretention cells. 

Bioretention Cell A will be designed for the low point of the community pool parking lot. Currently water flows across the lot and directly into a storm drain. Bioretention Cell B will replace the three parking spaces immediately east of the main gate. These spaces are on a significant slope and stand adjacent to another storm drain 

Proposed bioretention cells include:

Cell A: 1,400 square feet, replacing asphalt parking lot, requiring an underdrain

Cell B: 600 square feet, replacing asphalt parking lot, requiring an underdrain

Phase 1 targeted budget: $31,000. Costs should include:

  • Design and Site Survey
  • Asphalt removal from Cell A and Cell B
  • Temporary sod over Cell A and Cell B (only necessary if there is a gap between phase 1 and phase 2
  • Permitting 

Phase 2  Estimates are to be provided separately for each Cell. Costs should include:

  • Cell A
    • Excavation 
    • Underdrain
    • Concrete curb and forebay
    • Bioretention mix
    • Native Plants
    • Mulch
    • All other necessary expense
  • Cell B
    • Excavation
    • Underdrain
    • Concrete walls and Inlet
    • Bioretention mix
    • Native Plants
    • All other necessary expense



Phase 1 is expected to begin in October 2023 with all work to be completed by the end of September 2024. 

Phase 2 is expected to begin October of 2024 with all work to be completed by the end of September 2025.

Qualifications, Proposal Format, & Submission Instructions: Eligible contractors must be able to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act and all other applicable requirements of the federal grants defined under 2 CFR Part 200. Qualified contractors will have demonstrated experience in implementing the practices described above. Experience working with nonprofits or faith based communities on similar projects is a plus. Contractors may submit multiple cost estimates within the proposal to accommodate site design phase variables. The proposal may also include a company profile, examples of similar work, and references as helpful. Preference may be given to contractors based in Montgomery County, MD, particularly to local small businesses, certified green businesses, or those registered under the Minority, Female and Disabled-Owned Businesses Program (MFD) in the County.

Deadline for Submissions: Sunday, August 31st, 2023

If you wish to arrange a site visit or to submit a bid, please contact Jordan Gochenaur at

Figure 1.