Join the professional EE movement in Virginia, and level up your environmental education effectiveness.

Registration available August 7 – 25, 2023 or until all 25 spots are filled and the cost is $50 to register.

Enroll  in Virginia’s Environmental Education Certification Program.

Enrollment will start you on your journey to making an even greater impact in your environmental education practice.

Be sure to visit the Certification Webpage to learn all you can about the program. Some requirements must be completed within the first year. Otherwise, certification candidates have up to four years to complete the program but may complete it in less time.

Reach out to the Certification Administrator with any questions.

After you complete this online registration, you will receive an email from (in addition to some automated emails) with further instructions. You must complete these two additional tasks in order to be considered fully enrolled in the program.

  1. Complete the online form for which you will receive a link by email.

  2. Sign up for one orientation session. You will receive the code that allows you to register for the orientation via email.

Scholarships are available for those in financial need.

The Virginia Environmental Education Certification Program collects the information requested in this form to maintain contact with program registrants and to better serve those involved in the program. The Certifying Advisory Board and Program Administrator have access to this information. It is password protected and viewable by invitation to incoming board members/staff only. Those who cycle off of the board or leave employment will no longer have access to this information.