The Chesapeake Bay Program Beyond 2025 Steering Committee advises the development of recommendations to meet the Chesapeake Executive Council charge to the Principals’ Staff Committee on charting a course beyond 2025.

During its September 5 meeting, the Management Board for the Chesapeake Bay Program approved the addition of two non-voting, At-Large advisory member positions to the Beyond 2025 Steering Committee, prioritizing expertise within and/or across the categories of restoration and partnership. The Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee were directed to issue an invitation for interested persons with relevant expertise to volunteer to fill these positions. The Steering Committee, in full, will select two members from among the volunteers.

Commitment: The Steering Committee will meet monthly, for 3-5 hours, through the fall of 2024. Some meetings will be prioritized for in-person participation, though virtual participation will always be an option. Proposed meeting dates can be found on the draft Committee schedule. There will also be the need for small group work and one-on-one meetings throughout the Steering Committee’s time together. Funds are not available to reimburse the cost of participation.

Process: Interested persons, or those nominating them, should forward their name, contact information and resume or statement of interest highlighting their experience in restoration and/or partnership to Steering Committee Co-Chair Anna Killius ( by 5pm on Monday, September 18. This information will be compiled and made available to the Steering Committee by close of business on Tuesday, September 19, to be reviewed and discussed at the Steering Committee’s September 21 meeting.