The Nature Conservancy (“TNC”) is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for consulting services. The work will result in a High-Level Plan for the Pocomoke Sound region (the “Pocomoke Plan”) that will outline a path toward increasing habitat and community resilience. The consultant will identify, assess, and integrate existing projects in the Pocomoke region as a precursor to development of a cohesive plan for the landscape. The High-Level Plan will set a framework for how existing projects could feed into a landscape-scale plan, including options for how existing and new partners could collaborate to develop and implement that plan. Our goal is for the High-Level Plan to identify a path forward for collaboration and action to address resilience in the Pocomoke Sound region. Later phases of this work could add further detail to the framework to create a full landscape-scale plan and implement it.

Contract_for_services_Draft RFP_TNC_Pocomoke_Sound_sept2023 (1) RFP_TNC_Pocomoke_Sound_sept2023