The Campbell Foundation would like to share an updated version of “An Overview of Recent Federal Funding & Opportunities for the Chesapeake Region.” Initially released over this summer, the resource has now been updated to reflect changes that have taken place since then and also now includes an appendix detailing numerous specific funding opportunities.

At this time, there are large influxes of federal funding, with some portions intended for environmental conservation and justice. This creates a unique opportunity that the Chesapeake region must take advantage of. However, information about these funds such as their availability, timing, and eligibility has been vague and difficult to find. We wanted to pull together a document that may help focus this flow of information.

The document can be accessed on the Campbell Foundation’s website:

As you read through this document, The Foundation invites your feedback on opportunities that may be missing. They also invite you to share updated information as you hear it through your networks. Communication can be sent to Elias Franzen, Civic Engagement Fellow at