The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is seeking bids from forest planting contractors to establish new forest on 73.71 total acres in Pennsylvania during the spring 2024 planting season. The 10 sites are located in Adams, Clinton, Franklin, Lancaster, Northumberland, and York Counites. Services sought also include site preparation, annual ‘turnkey’ maintenance, and replanting services on portions of those acres. Services sought entail:

  • Pre-planting mowing on 29.68 acres across 5 planting sites.
  • Planting 19,163 bare-root seedlings during spring 2024 planting season (9 Sites, 73.71 Acres)
    • Installation of non-perforated 5’ deer shelters on 16,979 planted stems at 8 sites
    • Installation of biodegradable 5’ deer shelters on 2,184 planted stems at 1 site
  • Post-planting ‘turnkey’ annual maintenance
    • Two mows and two sprays on 30.08 acres across 7 sites from 2024-2026
    • Two mows only on 35.93 acres at 1 site from 2024-2026
  • Shelter/stake maintenance and post-planting replanting of dead trees and shrubs from 2024-2026
    • Replanting dead trees marked by Alliance staff on 66.01 acres across 8 sites

Read the full request for proposals here.