The Nature Conservancy Request for Proposals – Mt Olivet Cemetery Phase 3 BMP

Maintenance (3-year Contract)


1.1. Statement of Purpose

The Nature Conservancy is sending you this Request for Proposal (RfP) for proposals from

General Contractors (GC) that can maintain three (3) bioretention facilities located at Mount

Olivet Cemetery (1300 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002) according to DC Department

of Energy and Environment (DOEE) January 2020 Stormwater Management Guidebook and the

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual. Reference documents can be found at the following locations:

    • Engineered stormwater management design plans can be found here.
    • Construction As-Builts can be found here.
    • Operations and Maintenance Manual can be found here.
    • DOEE January 2020 Stormwater Management Guidebook can be found here.

    The maintenance contract will commence on May 1, 2024 for the duration of three (3) years.

    Please submit proposals by April 5, 2024.

1.2. Background

The Nature Conservancy (client) is requesting proposals for a General Contractor to maintain

three (3) bioretention stormwater best management practices (BMPs) that meet the green

infrastructure maintenance requirements of (DOEE) Stormwater Management Guidebook and

2013 Stormwater Rule. The selected GC will work in coordination with the client, and the

property owner, the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Washington. The contractor will

be given access to the site and will report to the client’s representatives on a regularly

scheduled basis.


1.3. Procurement Process

Procurement activities will be conducted in a nondiscriminatory manner with fair treatment

given to all Vendors. The Nature Conservancy reserves the right to reject any and all offers for

any reason whatsoever, to waive technicalities, and to pursue purchasing in a manner that is in

the best interest of the organization.


1.4. Customer’s Obligations

The Nature Conservancy incurs no obligation or liability whatsoever by reason of issuance of

This RFP or action by anyone relative thereto.


1.5. Vendor’s Obligations

Vendor must analyze and respond to all sections of this RFP providing sufficient information to

allow client to evaluate the Proposal. Vendor, by submitting its Proposal, agrees that any costs

incurred by the Vendor in responding to this RFP, are to be borne by Vendor and may not be

billed to The Nature Conservancy.

Client requests a fixed rate for the proposal. Compensation will be on a fixed rate per calendar

month for performing the O&M services. If the successful bidder identifies additional costs

after the contract has been awarded but before it is signed, client may in its sole discretion

choose to terminate negotiations and award the contract to a different bidder. Proposed cost

can be subject of negotiation.

Vendor shall not use the names, logos, images or any data or results arising from the

anticipated contract for advertising without Customer’s prior written consent.


1.6. Vendor Submission Requirements

1.6.1. Contractor Qualifications

To be considered for the Project, Consultant must have experience maintaining stormwater

retention BMPs in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. In addition, knowledge of stormwater

retention design, policy, permitting, and contacts with key agencies such as DOEE and DCRA will

be considered favorably. Prior experience in DC is helpful but not required.

Deliverables scope of work for the project includes:

The selected GC will provide either in-house or through work with subcontractors the following

deliverables to maintain stormwater retention BMPs:

– Operating and maintaining the project at all times (i) in good working order, (ii) in

accordance with the O&M manual and DOEE Stormwater Management Guidebook, (iii)

in a manner acceptable to the client and the property owner.

– Taking actions to correct any deficiencies or failures to conform to the “Technical

Requirements” that are identified by the client during a scheduled or unscheduled


– “Technical Requirements” shall mean requirements and guidelines set forth in the O&M

Guidebook and the bimonthly, quarterly, annual and rain event inspections as stipulated

in the “Operations and Maintenance Manual”; and any regulations or recommendations

promulgated by the DOEE.

– Maintaining a record of O&M services performed at, and any inspections of the Project in

reasonable detail (the “O&M Log”)


1.6.2. Payments

Proposal will be a fixed rate per calendar month and be comprised of and be held to the

Following submission requirements:

1.6.3. RfP Technical Requirements

The proposal must adhere to the following format and address the requirements defined in

each section:


Cost Proposal:

Provide a fixed price rate per calendar month proposal to provide the work described

herein. Include breakdown of the cost proposal. If the successful bidder identifies

additional costs after the contract has been awarded but before it is signed, The Nature

Conservancy may in its sole discretion choose to terminate negotiations and award

the contract to a different bidder.


Submittal Deadline: April 5, 2024

The bidding process will be conducted in a nondiscriminatory manner with fair treatment

given to all prospective bidders. The contractor shall be responsible for any and all costs

incurred by the contractor in responding to this request. The contractor’s proposal must

contain sufficient information to allow the Project Team to evaluate the contractor’s

ability to perform the stormwater retention design and constructions tasks set forth in

the project scope, including:

(a) concise proposal narrative describing how the contractor will accomplish

all tasks and complete the project deliverables;

(b) a detailed budget itemizing the costs for services and related expenses per


(c) the proposed service team for the Project;

(d) a description of contractor qualifications, including examples of relevant

project experience; and

(e) A completed conflict of interest form that will be provided to the selected


The proposal must be submitted in PDF format to Kevin Newman

( and Aileen Craig (


BID Selection Proces

Bidss will be reviewed and evaluated based upon each bidder’s qualifications, experience,

references, demonstrated understanding of the project, ability to complete the project within

the specified time frame. All bidders will be notified of their selection or rejection by email (or

other form of writing). Client reserves the right to reject any bid for any reason and is not

obligated to select the lowest bidder or any bidder at all, nor will client be obligated to explain

the basis for its selection. All material submitted in response to this RFP will become the

property of client and may be returned only at the option of client and at GC’s expense.

Client shall have no obligations or liabilities whatsoever by reason of issuance of this RFP or

actions by anyone relating thereto.


All Rights Reserved

The client reserves the right to cancel this offering at any time for any reason. Client reserves

the right to the terms of this offering via written/electronic notice to all submitters of record as

of the submittal deadline. Client also reserves the right to ask any proposer for clarification

and/or additional information deemed necessary in making its selection(s).

Hold Harmless

By submitting in accordance with this RFP solicitation, submitters agree to hold client, its

employees and assigns, harmless from any damages real or projected as a result of this

solicitation. Client is not responsible for any costs incurred by the proposer or any of its team

member companies in the preparation of proposals. All costs including, but not limited to, staff

time, labor, materials and/or delivery fees are solely the responsibility of the proposer.



Any data, documentation or other business information furnished by or disclosed to the

contractor shall be deemed the property of client and must be returned to the The Nature

Conservancy upon request.

Documents Required from Successful Bidder:

The successful bidder will be required to enter into a contract with the client. Selected

GC acknowledges that the client is relying on the contents of the contractor’s proposal

in selecting the successful bidder and agrees to the incorporation of some or all of the

contractor’s proposal into the contract, if the contractor is the successful bidder. Within ten

(10) days after delivery of the proposed contract to the successful bidder, the successful bidder

must submit the following documents to client:

(a) the executed contract (with attachments);

(b) certificates of insurance

(naming client and landowner as an additional insured, if requested);

and (c) such other documents as may be required under the contract.

Additional Information:



Any subcontractors must be identified along with the defined work they will

perform. The client will not refuse a proposal based on the use of subcontractors but does

retain the right to refuse the subcontractors selected. Consultant shall remain solely

responsible for all subcontracted work. Permitted subcontractors will be required to comply

with the same U.S. Government and Washington, DC Laws and Regulations set forth in the

Contract for Services between client and the selected contractor.


Thank you for participating in this Request for Proposals process related to maintaining

stormwater retention through green infrastructure at Mount Olivet Cemetery. We look forward

to receiving and reviewing your proposal(s).


Questions may be submitted to Kevin Newman ( and Aileen Craig (

Phone number 240-990-7839 or 585-489-7556.