Level 1 is a baseline credential in design, installation, and maintenance of sustainable landscapes, with emphasis on how to properly maintain stormwater best management practices.

Level 1 consists of a two- or three-day class, access to our online videos, webinar series, study materials, and a written exam. The course incorporates interactive classroom instruction on conservation landscaping topics (soils, native plants, habitat, natural communities, and invasive plant management) and stormwater best management practices (BMPs), with a field-based practicum.  Level 1 also teaches visual inspection and verification of BMPs. The cost for Level 1 is $475.

Candidates seeking certification at this level must have at least one of the following qualifications:

1. Professional Work Experience in Landscaping or Related Field
2. A Degree or Certificate in a Related Field of Study
3. A Professional Certification Which Requires Continuing Education to Maintain the Credential

Level 1 Includes:

Online Webinar Series – included in Level 1 registration fee – also available for a fee to those not seeking certification-  View full list of webinar options.

Required Training Class, taught over three non-consecutive days, live online and in the field

Required Written Exam

Recertification – CBLP requires recertification every two years.  Certified professionals must complete and log 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUS) every two years to maintain their certification.


SW CBLP Level 1 Summer 2024