Author: Tuana P.

PhD and MS Assistantships available in urban ecology and ecosystem services at University of Maryland

Dr. Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman’s lab group works collaboratively on the ecology and ecosystem services of urban and built environments. The lab investigates biogeochemical and ecohydrologic responses and decision-making and management of green infrastructure, urban soils, and urban forests, and collaborates with hydrologists, engineers, landscape architects, geographers, and planners. Assistantships include a full tuition waiver, salary, and benefits….

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(Webinar) Sustainability with Trees: Community Canopy Project

Sustainability with Trees: Community Canopy Project In this webinar we will explore how distributing trees through a community canopy project can fit with your sustainability efforts, help maximize energy efficiency and engage homeowners within your community. Kristen Bousquet, from the Arbor Day Foundation, and program partner Ian Jurgensen with the city of Orlando, will discuss…

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