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NEW Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance Sizing Tool

New web tool for stormwater design in Anne Arundel County! Do you design Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance (SPSC) projects in Anne Arundel County? BWPR has you covered with a suite of guidelines and tools, including the NEW web app – SPSC Sizer! Just published by our Modeling & Analysis Unit, BWPR’s Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance…

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Anne Arundel County BWPR “A Land of Rivers” Report is now available!

This report summarizes the cumulative outcomes of the innovative Bay restoration and conservation work supported by the Anne Arundel County DPW Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration. This work would not be possible without all of the amazing partners featured, not to mention all the residents that work every day to make Anne Arundel “the…

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Video: Innovative Bay Restoration Partnerships in Anne Arundel County

New video alert! Get inspired and learn about how innovative partnerships can turn a shared dream into on-the-ground restoration. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to restoring our local waterways! Watch “Innovative Bay Restoration Partnerships in Anne Arundel County” on YouTube at the link below: This ~5-minute video highlights three (3)…

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