Hi! I’m Samm Russell and I’m a new Office Assistant at the Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration (BWPR). To learn a little bit more about what BWPR does I enrolled into WSA’s Master Watershed Steward Program, Class 15!

For WSA I am completing a capstone project. For my project I have decided to conduct a stream clean-up at my local park that needs help. The body of water I will be cleaning is called the Sawmill Creek 2 and this particular portion I’m working with is at the Severn-Danza Park. I will also be documenting my experience with my clean-up and presenting it at a library later on. I’ve title my project, “Talking Tr@$h!”

The picture above is a bit blurry but what it says is: “What is, “Talking Tr@$h!”?:: Talking Tr@$h! is a two-part project. It begins with my own self-led stream clean-up that will then be presented as an educational example of how you could lead your own stream clean-up! Talking Tr@$h! will teach you how to conduct a stream clean-up in your own community and connect you with the resources to do so.”

The goal of my project is to educate and inspire people to conduct stream clean-ups in their own community.

But this all starts with my own clean-up. So, I’m registering my event with the Alliance’s Project Clean Stream so that I myself can learn more about what resources are available for stream clean-ups.

I’m super excited to see how this will turn out!

Thank you for reading!

– Samm Russell