Come and help improve the environmental quality of Anne Arundel County by removing invasive species of plants! If you would like to attend this workshop event, please dress for the weather and bring bottled water to avoid dehydration. Wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, closed toe shoes, a hat, and work gloves. Tools will be provided for this workshop event. You can bring and use your own tools if you have them.

This workshop to remove invasive species of plants will be held on Sunday, April 15 from 1-3PM at Magothy River Land Trust conservation site in Pasadena. The property is a 9.5-acre parcel, bordered by Dove Cove Road and Hunner Road. Due to the fact that it is an undeveloped site, it does not have an address. Please follow these directions to find the workshop site:

  1. Directions the old fashioned way are:
  2. Take Mountain Road heading towards Gibson Island
  3. Then a right on Lake Shore Drive
  4. Take a slight left onto N. Ferry Point Road
  5. Then a slight right onto Hunner Road and continue right on Hunner Road until you see the MRLT folks parked on the right-hand side of the road