In today’s charged political landscape, public demand for transparency and accountability means more individuals and organizations are motivated to engage in the environmental decision-making process for activities such as zoning proposals, development projects, extractive practices, local ordinances, resource management, and land development. More people are attending and participating in town hall meetings and public hearings, sending letters, making phone calls, posting opinions and calls to action on social media, participating in canvassing, and even running for local elected positions. As citizen interest rises, nonprofits are called on to assist in that process. Yet there is widespread public misunderstanding of the roles nonprofits can and cannot play, the difference between organizing and advocacy, and the legal restrictions of 501c3 status. In this webinar we will explore the continuum of public participation, give you tools and tips for successful civic engagement, and discuss best practices to ensure 501c3 status is not compromised.

Presenters: Jonathan Jarosz, Heart of the Lakes
Francisco Ollervides, River Network

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