Tuesday, November 10, 2020  from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.  Virtual program via Zoom.


The Chesapeake Bay region is steeped in the history of its indigenous tribes. Considering the essential role American Indians have played in the Chesapeake Bay, the importance of understanding that history cannot be overstated. Many different tribes live in the Chesapeake region, and their social, cultural, and political identities are extremely varied and complex. That includes different languages, distinct cultures, and a history of varied political structures and alliances. Today, there are tens of thousands of people in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia who identify as American Indian.

At this webinar, we will speak with some of these individuals and leaders who have unique and important perspectives on current Chesapeake Bay issues.

Speakers include:
Nikki Bass, Councilwoman for the Nansemond Tribe
Reggie Tupponce, Tribal Administrator for the Upper Mattaponi Tribe
Beth Roach, Tribal Councilwoman with the Nottoway Tribe
Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, Member of the Piscataway Indian Nation (Maryland)

CBF’s Brock Environmental Center Learning Series is presented with support from Jean Jenkins and Mike Newell.

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