Our next happy hour will take place on October 21 at Rams Head Tavern in downtown Annapolis.

October is a month where we focus on the spooky things that haunt our world, so what better time to tackle the Sunday scaries with a group of supportive, like-minded women?

What are the Sunday scaries? They are the anxieties you might experience on a Sunday when thinking about the impending work week, school week, or other obligations that await you. If you experience this, you’re not alone. A survey by job site Monster found that up to 76% of Americans self-reported having “really bad” Sunday night anxiety, compared to just 47% of people around the world.

  • Have you ever experienced the Sunday scaries?
  • What do you do to deal with them?
  • What is your biggest Sunday scary?

Bring your thoughts (and a friend!) and join us at the *downstairs bar* for cocktails, conversation, and camaraderie. Newcomers welcome!

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