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Biotrophics is a bio/ag-tech company seeking to discover and apply the power of the insect for the benefit of humanity by creating strains of insects to solve problems in ag/aquaculture. Fish meal is one of the highest quality ingredients on the market in animal feeds in agriculture and aquaculture. Growing demand is putting increased pressure on already limited fish resources. Insects show some of the best promise as a new form of protein even in human food and consumption. However, while insect protein has a strong protein profile, it does not measure up in some cases to fish meal. Enter Biotrophics – a startup designed to increase the protein values of insects interested in creating a strong decentralized and sustainable agricultural/aquaculture model by integrating “anti-fragility” into the system.

Bio: Sam Glickstein graduated from Goucher College in 2012 with a degree in biology. During his time at Goucher, he became interested in agriculture and biotech due to the intersection of topics the industry is made up of: biology/science, business/economics, and sustainability. Starting in the hydroponic farming industry, Sam’s interests evolved from there into aquaculture, insect farming as a sustainable animal feed source, to a biotechnology approach in solving livestock diseases; all of which lead to a more sustainable global food system to feed humanity’s growing population. Sam started Biotrophics in January 2017. Since then, the company has evolved and changed directions twice. Now in its third and final iteration, Biotrophics engineers strains of yeast to express specialty proteins that it then harvests and uses as treatments against various livestock diseases. Instar Farm, Sam’s other company, continues its focus on insect-related opportunities.

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