Let’s get in touch with our creative side! Native gardens are teeming with inspiration when it comes to art and design. Let’s tap into that inspiration and talk about ways to integrate art into our stormwater projects around the house. In this webcast we’ll learn about some impressive stormwater art installations around the watershed and be inspired by a few ideas you we bring home to do with our families. We may even write a stormwater haiku or two!

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This is Part 3 of a weekly series from CSN and Friends on tips and tricks for restoring your home ground. In this series, we’ll focus on activities that are simple, low cost, and can be done with materials on hand or found on-line. We’ll also discuss how these activities can engage our families, get us outside in this fine Spring weather and maybe even provide a few teachable moments for our kids. Tune into our new informal weekly webcast series to pick up a few new tricks and maybe share some of your own!