Have you or someone in your household dreamed of caring for a snake, turtle, or lizard – but felt intimidated or never had the time? This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Join herpetologist and NHSM Curator, and home reptile keeper, Tom Scollins via Zoom to learn Reptile Husbandry Basics and Common Pitfalls.  Taking on the care of any animal is a sacred responsibility and honor. Before bringing any animal into your home, please make sure that you have the proper education. NHSM hopes that this presentation helps guide your relationship with reptiles. Reptiles require very specific husbandry (care, food, shelter). The key to keeping a reptile healthy is to provide an environment close to that species’ natural environment, including temperature range, humidity level, light cycle, and landscape. Proper nutrition is also essential.

The suggested donation for this event is $5. NHSM understands that the pandemic has adversely impacted many. It shouldn’t impact access to education. Therefore, a free option is also available.

Follow this link to register, https://www.marylandnature.org/get-involved/events/event/reptile-husbandry-basics-and-common-pitfalls/

Please note that this is a 2-Step Registration Process. Once registered, a confirmation email will contain a link to register via Zoom. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is an added layer of security.