Get ready for Halloween and come learn all about one of the spookiest animals, BATS! Even more than being spooky, bats are actually one of the most fascinating and beneficial animals! And in Baltimore, they are one of the least studied, which is why we are so lucky to have Baltimore native, Ms. Ela-Sita Carpenter, a PhD student at the University of Missouri, coming to talk about the research she is currently doing on bats of Baltimore for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. She studies the factors that can predict what species are present in Baltimore. She will show us how beneficial bats are and what we can do to help them! 

After a spoooooky and fascinating lecture on bats, Ms. Ela-Sita Carpenter will lead us outside to the Natural History Society of Maryland’s parking lot. We will use bat detectors to see if any bats are flying by and record the data! We are so lucky to have this bat expert with us and you don’t want to miss this adventurous evening!