NATURE CONNECTIONS: Life of the Forest Floor

During a woodland stroll, we seldom stop to study the world beneath our feet.  Come discover this specialized habitat of the forest floor with the whole family through activities and crafts.   Nature Connections are free and are designed for Nature Enthusiasts of all ages!

This Nature Connections will feature a talk from Baltimore Green Space, a demonstration of a Berlese Funnel, and a variety of life typically found on the forest floor; including toad and salamander species, mosses, insects, and mushrooms.  

Special Presentation:

1:15/ Katie Lautar with Baltimore Green Space: What we know about the Forest Floor in Bmore

Baltimore Green Space will present what they are learning about forest floors in Baltimore through their work with forest stewards, field researchers, and scientists in more than 22 forests. This research examines at soil organic matter, bulk density, as well as natives and invasive plant coverage, and discusses the management of these habitats.

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