Photo Credit: Martin Svedén


At this months free Nature Connections we will be exploring trees! Did you know that different parts of a tree grow at different times throughout the year. Typically, most of the foliage growth happens in the spring, followed by trunk growth in the summer and root growth in the fall and winter.  

Nature Connections is full of surprising and interesting facts about the world around us. Come join us for free a Family Friendly Program for Nature Enthusiasts of all Ages! Bring out your inner scientist with the Natural History Society of Maryland!


Speaker: 1:15/ Charles Murphy with TreeBaltimore,Trees and Baltimore

This talk will focus on digging a little deeper into what Baltimore City is doing to increase the urban tree population and what you can do to help.  TreeBaltimore is a city initiative to increase Baltimore’s tree canopy. The partnership brings together City departments, non-profits, community groups, friends of park groups and individuals in an effort to spread the word on all of the benefits trees provide Baltimore.


Special Guests Include:

Francis Smith, DNR Maryland Forest Service

Zoe Clarkwest, Flowering Tree Trails

Bud Reaves, County Forester

Fred Chalfant, Baltimore City Forest Conservancy District Board



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