Beautiful Swimmers Revisited Film and Lecture

The Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies at Hood College is pleased to host Tom Horton on April 6 for a public lecture and film viewing of Beautiful Swimmers Revisited.
Join us for an evening viewing of this wonderful documentary which reflects on changes since the publication of the 1976 book written by Pulitzer prize winner William W. Warner Beautiful Swimmers. Producer, Tom Horton will be available after the film viewing for questions.

Learn how the livelihoods and culture of Chesapeake waterman depend on the Atlantic blue crab and the challenges for conservation. Beautiful Swimmers Revisited explores the life cycle and life story of the blue crab. In the documentary, Tom meets with many different groups of people, from consumers to scientists, who have been eating them and studying them for generations. This eye-opening film is sure to inspire and delight!

Join us Friday, April 6. 
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Whittaker Campus Commons
Hood College
401 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD 21701
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