In coordination with the 17th Annual Master Gardener Plant Sale, experience one of two Invasive Plant Walks offered in the morning.

  • Two start times: 9:00 am and 11:00 am (30 – 45 minutes long)
  • Learn to identify invasive plant species by examining live plants
  • We will walk along the parking lot to view landscaped plants and within King Park to view wild growing plants
  • Some plant specimens will be marked with colored flagging to help identify the plant’s life-form
  • Invasive plant field guides will be available to borrow during the walk
  • Please dress appropriately for a short outdoor walk on asphalt and pavement, in sunlight and shade

Optional: You can bring a sample of a plant you suspect is an invasive species. If bearing seed, please contain the seeds by sealing the cut plant sample in a plastic bag from the source location. Please include supplementary photos to help aid in proper identification (the complete plant, flowers, and/or fruits).

Optional: If you own a mobile computing device, please install the Mid-Atlantic Early Detection Network (MAEDN) smartphone app prior to the Invasive Plant Walk. It can be used to identify invasive species and it is available to download free of charge. (link is external)