This talk, featuring author and speaker Ned Tillman, focuses on the Chesapeake Bay and its Past, Present, and Future.

Ned Tillman is a lifelong resident of the Chesapeake Bay watershed as well as an active sportsman and environmentalist. He’s enjoyed a career in the environmental industry, and now advises organizations in becoming more sustainable. Ned has served as chair of the County Environmental Sustainability Board, the Howard County Conservancy, and the Maryland Geothermal Energy Commission.

He received a BA from Franklin and Marshall College in Earth and Environmental Sciences, and went on to receive an MS from Syracuse University in Science and Engineering. He has been on the staff of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, and has served as President of Target Environmental, Columbia Technologies, and Sustainable Growth, LLC.

He’s authored two books, Chesapeake Watershed: A Sense of Place and a Call to Action (2009) and Saving the Places We Love: Paths to Environmental Stewardship (2014). He has most recently written The Big Melt, a title soon to be released, which deals specifically with climate change.