Please join the CWEA Stormwater Committee and webinar speakers, Ryan Zerbe and Christy Ciarametaro from Montgomery County, MD DEP for this free webinar.

Baking is all about science. One wrong ingredient or a simple mix up between teaspoons and tablespoons and you’re bound to have an epic cake fail on your hands. But those who truly want to be great bakers know, at some point, you’ll need to add a dash of imagination and creativity to rise about the crowd.

How does one balance creativity and imagination, while not messing up the raw ingredients that make a project a success?

In this presentation, attendeeres will hear about Montgomery County, MD’s progress towards mastering the Green Streets recipe. Developing new, mutually cooperative relationships and approaches that have resulted in some “decadent” successes as well as some unexpected flops. The County staff will share lessons they learned completing more than 300 green street BMPs and the planning, design, and outreach processes for 7 neighborhood-wide green streets.

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