-Landscape Technology-

Where Horticulture Meets Ecology 

  • Concerned about where you food comes from?
  • Interested in preserving the natural environment and creating a more sustainable food chain?
  • Learn how plants work, communicate, and support the environment

Your gateway courses:

LNTP 105 Intro. to Sustainable Landscaping (2 semester hours)

Gain a broad overview of trends within the Green industry, including techniques and approaches for maintaining and improving soil, health, composting, and managing stormwater, as well as provide a basic understanding of growth and nutrition to ensure environmental  sustainability. Students will learn about national, state and local guidelines promoting sustainability in landscape design and management.

Monday, 7:30-9:10pm


LNTP 254 Plant Materials II- 3 semester hours

Learn how to identify and properly use native and non-native evergreen and deciduous tress, shrubs, wines, and groundcovers in a broad range of landscape situations. Plant characteristics, such as seasonal interest and habit, are stressed so that appropriate plant selections can be made for any landscape situation.

Monday 1:00-4:30 Pm (CRN 32815, CRN 32816 Lab)

-Class meets at Agricultural History Farm Park located at 18410 Muncaster Road, Derwood, MD, 20855

Wednesday 6:00-9:30pm

-class meets at Germantown campus


For further information about the program and other courses that are offered this semester, contact:

Stephen Dubik (240) 567-7803 steve.dubik@montgomerycollege.edu

-in-county tuition rates available for Business/Industry employees

-web registration: www.montgomerycollege.edu