Join us in a community cleanup at Harlem Park’s Inner Blocks on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m. to Noon at 1215 W. Lafayette, Baltimore.

Harlem Park is a proud neighborhood that was home to great leaders as Violet Hill Whyte (the first African-American police officer in Baltimore) and Clarence Mitchell (NAACP’s chief lobbyist during 1960’s).     But currently, Harlem Park has a large number of vacant homes and vacant lots-but it is a neighborhood with a great future because Harlem Park’s residents are working to recreate some of these vacant lots into green spaces, parks and other amenities.

Help us trim trees, remove weeds, pick up trash and help Harlem Park’s residents as they helped to create a vibrant future for their neighborhood.   This cleanup is being co-sponsored by the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Department and the Baltimore Green Network.

For more information, contact Kimberley Knox at or call 410-396-5902.