We recognize the importance of administering evaluations to gauge the success of environmental literacy programs. Is the program meetings its goals? Is the classroom curriculum being covered? Are students more connected to the natural world? Well conceived and designed evaluations can not only help to answer these questions but should help to improve and evolve programs.

This winter please consider joining your environmental literacy colleagues for a workshop at the Environmental Science Training Center in Oxford, MD that will provide a foundational framework for developing and designing evaluations that you can apply in your programs.

During the workshop, facilitated by NOAA Office of Education’s Senior Education Evaluator and ESTC staff, participants will:
  • Develop a shared understanding of what environmental literacy programming and MWEEs can do for students and what related professional learning programs can do for educators;
  • Gain awareness of a variety of evaluation methods appropriate for elementary through high school students, and teachers that support program improvement and evolution;
  • Gain experience with resources available to support MWEE evaluations;
  • Practice new knowledge and skills on one of their program evaluations and share challenges and successes with fellow educators.

If you are interested in digging into program evaluation with us, please register HERE (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepRSUckPGGV9weC3zv1ZLKYulcPkgR2UGNXwvg0S6Q9GD8Cg/viewform?usp=sf_link).