Nanticoke Watershed Alliance is now recruiting citizen scientists to join our bi-state, award-winning Nanticoke Creekwatchers Citizen Water Monitoring Program. We particularly need volunteers to adopt sites in Quantico, MD, (near Salisbury) and Laurel, DE.

Creekwatchers visit their adopted sites every other Sunday or Monday, make site observations, take measurements directly in the water, and collect up to three water samples. We deliver samples to partner labs. We follow an EPA-approved protocol and provide all necessary training, equipment, and follow-up support.

The NWA will kick off the season at our eleventh annual Creekwatchers Training on Saturday, March 17. Classroom segments will be followed by a hands-on training on the water.

Registration is required to attend this event. Creekwatchers should be able to physically carry and use water quality monitoring equipment, have reliable transportation, and be able to work independently.

For more information, please contact Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Beth Wasden.