A presentation of the NHSM Herp Club* Open to all. 

The study of herpetofauna is a demanding activity, dictated entirely by the habits and habitats of the animals being studied. In Maryland, a single day in the wilderness may range from trudging through muddy riverbanks, to climbing steep boulder fields. In the face of such dynamic and disparate activities, herpetologists are left to choose from footwear solutions designed to be best in only a few, if not just one of the several situations they encounter during their research in the field. Daniel Carhuff, a senior product design major at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland, is exploring the challenges of herpetological field research and poses potential concepts for a footwear solution. This interactive presentation will take a deep dive into Daniel’s preliminary research, concept generation, and early design ideas, inviting community members to discuss, question, and comment on both the challenges of Maryland field research and the proposed design solutions.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona with a deep passion for the natural lands and herpetofauna of the region, Daniel practiced wildlife photography before committing to design at MICA. Daniel approaches design with a focus on sustainability, pragmatism, and spirit, valuing the unseen consequences of thoughtful design. He believes in the details, recognizing the enormous impact a single decision can make. In all his endeavors, Daniel respects that focusing on the details is what brings resolution to the bigger picture.
You may learn more about Daniel and his work at danieljcarhuff.design.

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