Join us for the sixth year of Fox Haven Foragers. In this Level 1 series, we’ll visit some common favorites like milkweed, goldenrod, cattail and elderberry. We’ll also introduce some seasonal species to our forage like witch hazel, Paw Paw, sumac, and aronia.

Fermenting blackberry leaves for tea, hunting for edible mushrooms, plucking ripe Paw Paw, cooking up cattail, propagating and stewarding wild species and so much more will be explored this year! Each Foragers class will include plant ID, foraging, and processing the season’s bounty with local guides from diverse backgrounds and skill-sets.


Class runs from 9 am to 12 pm on the second Saturday of each month from February through November. The first 2 hours of class will be held in the field, gathering plants and learning botany skills. The last hour is spent processing and preparing the harvest into a tasty meal or a take-home medicinal.




2/13: Ethics of Foraging and Elderberry Propagation with Lacey Walker


3/13: Willow, Witch Hazel and Walnut with Chris Ousse


4/10: Spring Mushroom Foray with Jared Urchek (Field Trip)*


5/8: Friends and Foes Plants with Holly Poole Kavana


6/12: Cattail and Milkweed with Nick Spero


7/10: Fermented Blackberry Tea Leaves & Botanical Soda with Lacey Walker


8/14: Herbal First Aid with Katelyn Jarkowiec


9/11: Paw Paw Haul with Taylor Roman


10/9: Fall Mushroom Foray with Sam Feld (Field Trip)*


11/13: Seed Saving & Propagation with Lacey


*Some classes will be held at a location outside of Fox Haven


Whole Series Cost: $380.00 ($360.00 Early Bird Discount)


Early Bird Deadline is December 15th