For February’s CRC Roundtable, we are building on last month’s climate resilience discussion to talk specifically about sea level rise. Sea level rise is one of the most tangible symptoms of climate change and it impacts a variety of natural and societal systems, from tides to community infrastructure. In order to plan for sea level changes within our region and communities, we need to understand future projections, decision-making frameworks, and adaptation actions.

Join us on Wednesday, February 17th from 12-1 pm to discuss the current and future impacts of sea level rise and how we can engage stakeholders to make our communities more resilient.


  • Ray Najjar, Professor of Oceanography, Penn State
  • Wie Yusuf, Professor, School of Public Service, Old Dominion University

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded. By joining this webinar, you are consenting to such recordings. Video is not required to participate in this event. Please discuss accessibility needs with the host in advance. The event is free to attend, but registration is required. Register here:


About CRC Roundtable

The Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC) comprises seven research and education institutions around the Chesapeake Bay, convening with the goal of using science to inform management. We launched the CRC Roundtable, a monthly virtual seminar series, to host targeted, inclusive, and informed conversations matching scientific advances and management needs in a way that moves us collectively forward toward decision-making for effective and sustainable management of the Chesapeake Bay, its watershed, and its living resources.

The lunchtime seminars will invite a diverse range of researchers, managers, and other professionals to have timely conversations around topics relevant to the Chesapeake partnership. The seminars also build connectivity across participating organizations and identify ways to increase our collective competency for decision making.

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