How do we remember the past? How does our historical record and memory influence us today? This series unpacks stories of Chesapeake history with a focus on what our understanding of the past means for our future. View series details

CBMM’s Speaker Series brings discussion about Chesapeake-related topics. Held biannually, both the Fall and Winter Series feature a number of speakers connected to a central theme or current exhibition. Speaker Series events vary, but often include talks by industry experts, discussions with community members, performances by local artists, and screenings of relevant films. Each event lends something new to conversation, and will leave you with a greater appreciation for the people and environment of the Chesapeake Bay.

Register for the whole series or for individual sessions Wednesdays this February and March:

Feb. 3, 7:30pm, Loyalty on the Line: Civil War Maryland in American Memory  *This first session will be presented FREE thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ellen & Dick Bodorff, Sharon & Duane Ekedahl, Liz & Howard Freedlander, Elizabeth Moose, and Beverly & Richard Tilghman.*

Feb. 10, 7:30pm, Archaeology and Memory at Mount Clare

Feb. 17, 2pm, Stolen: The Reverse Underground Railroad and Slavery in the Greater Chesapeake

March 10, 7:30pm, The Struggle and the Urban South: The Legacy of Confronting Jim Crow in Baltimore

March 17, 2pm, The 1856 Project: Confronting the Ongoing Legacy of Slavery at the University of Maryland,