On Cinco de Mayo, join Sustainability Matters at the Barns of Rose Hill for a Fiesta of sustainable gardening. The half day workshop includes three talks on environmentally friendly gardening practices, delectable Farm-to-Table Mexican snacks by Sexi-Mexi Burritos, and a preview of an exciting new sustainability-themed art exhibition curated by Sustainability Matters.

Bring the family: a sustainability fiesta for kids will run concurrently outside the Barns, with separate ticketing.

1-4 pm, Sunday, May 5
$30 adults, $25 Sustainability Matters and/or Barns of Rose Hill members
Children’s Fiesta: $10/child

1 pm Planting for Pollinators
Sari Carp, Sustainability Matters
Monarchs may be the only pollinators who undertake an epic journey to Mexico every year, but all pollinators need gardeners’ help to thrive. Discover their favorite foods, garden design for all-season snacks, what not to plant, and the importance of native hosts for pollinator larvae.

2 pm ¡Underground Fiesta!
Nick Livesay, Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District
Have you ever pondered the mystery resource beneath your feet? Get your hands dirty while learning garden soil basics and exploring the carnival of life underground. We’ll discuss practical techniques to improve soil health for más produce!

3 pm Grow a Salsa Garden
Paula Brownlee, Sustainability Matters
Hot season vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, and beans enjoy similar conditions. Maximize flavor while minimizing insect damage and disease, and learn how to protect sensitive, bolt-prone salsa herbs from summer heat. Take home creative recipes from Sustainability Matters and Sexi-Mexi Burritos.

Children’s Sustainability Fiesta (ages 5-12)
Kids will rotate in age groups through sustainability focused games and activity stations.

Tickets may be purchased in advance either online (http://barnsofrosehill.org/event/fiesta-in-the-garden-2/) or by calling the Barns of Rose Hill Box Office at 540-955-2004 (Noon to 3:00 – Tuesday through Saturday). If you call when our Box Office is closed, please leave a message and we’ll return your call within 24 business hours. All sales are final. Exceptions for special circumstances may be made no later than 24 hours prior to performance.