In honor of Maryland American Indian Heritage Day, Piscataway Indian Chief Mark Tayac, will deliver the “State of Our Nation” Address. This is a virtual event being held on Friday, November 24th at 3-5 PM. Come learn about the current state of the Piscataway Indian Nation.
In an unprecedented event echoing the tradition of the American State of the Union Address, the venerable Piscataway Chief, Mark Tayac, will deliver a “State of the Nation Address” on American Indian Heritage Day in Maryland 2023. This unique occasion aims to transcend borders, inviting not only the diverse Indian nations and communities within and around Tayac territory but also reaching out to people worldwide to enjoy and appreciate the powerful message from the representative of the first people in Maryland, Pennsylvania, parts of Virginia and New York at various times.

The presence of the Piscataway Chief transcends the realms of history. He is reaching out to all who share a passion for sustainability due to the deep-rooted connection between the Indian people and the land they have cherished for generations. The eastern woodlands Indians are historically experts at the intricate balance between humanity and the natural world.