ShoreRivers will host its 12th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival on Friday, November 19, starting at 7 pm. Like last year, hundreds of passionate environmental advocates will gather online to enjoy a carefully curated slate of award-winning films that reflect a theme of “Resilient by Nature.” General admission tickets are FREE, but donations are welcome. For those who are unable to attend the live event, the films will be available to all registrants On Demand from November 20-30, so register now.

Register now for your free ticket to experience breathtaking scenes like this one from Through the Breaks during ShoreRivers’ Wild & Scenic Film Festival on November 19. For those who are unable to attend the live event, the films will be available to all registrants On Demand from November 20-30.

ShoreRivers joins over 250 organizations across the country to showcase a suite of captivating films that inform and inspire a deep connection to the environment. The diverse film lineup is rooted in both environmental activism and an enduring love of nature. Events like this capture these unique stories of conservation and hope and share them throughout communities across the world. Listen to them, remember them, and leave with a renewed hope and sense of wonder.

After an introduction by ShoreRivers Executive Director Isabel Hardesty, the evening will commence with Through the Breaks, directed by Tom Attwater. Audience members will experience a float down the Upper Missouri River in eastern Montana that reveals a spectacular, remote, and unspoiled prairie landscape. But why do the wild scenes of this place matter? For boatbuilder Jason Cajune, the river trip carries on a family tradition; he grew up on drift boats in Glacier National Park, operated by his parents. Now a boatbuilder by trade, Cajune says, “I’m really just sort of a caretaker of an idea that came before,” a succinct definition of conservation itself.


Other short films interspersed with staff commentary will round out the evening, which will then conclude with Wild Climate, directed by Meredith Meeks. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, we know first-hand that rural communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. This film elevates personal stories that inspire change at every level.


This event is made possible by the leadership and generosity of event sponsors: EcoPrint, ThinkMakeBuild, Gillespie Precast, Wye Gardens, Cross Street Realtors, Talbot Preservation Alliance, Easton Utilities, Parker Counts, Chesapeake Utilities, and by the kindness of numerous individual and family sponsors.

Proceeds from the evening benefit the important advocacy, education, and restoration initiatives of ShoreRivers that result in real pollution reduction. Throughout the year, ShoreRivers’ Riverkeepers speak for the rivers at local, state, and regional levels to ensure representatives are informed with the latest science, trends, and recommendations. Outstanding education programs prepare 1,600 high school students in four counties and 1,200 elementary school students in two counties to become the next generation of environmental stewards. In addition, the organization has installed large- and small-scale restoration practices through thousand-acre farm projects as well as individual River-Friendly Yard upgrades.

 Although this is a different experience from years past where we gathered at the Tidewater Inn and the Avalon Theatre in Easton, ShoreRivers hopes you will join this thrilling cinematic journey as the organization’s mission for clean water remains steadfast. This will be an evening full of laughter and excitement, leaving viewers with the desire to make a positive difference for our beautiful rivers.

For more information, contact Freya Farley at CLICK HERE to register or become a sponsor.